my Blueprint Account Set-up

Ms. Ellen Gao
(Career Advisor)

How to set up your Blueprint Account

  1. Click on “My Blueprint” link above. This will take you to the My Blueprint Website.
  2. Go to blue box with yellow star “New User” . Type in activation key which is langleyfas . Now hit “Create Account”
  3. Fill in your information.
    1. Choose the grade you are in from the drop down menu. Click “Next Step”
    2. Enter in:
      1. Your email information
      2. Password
      3. First and Last Name
      4. Student Number (Optional so if you don’t know it leave blank)
      5. Birthdate
      6. Preferred Language
      7. Now go to “Create my Account”
    3. Go to settings icon on top right. Go down to “My Links” from drop down menu. Choose Mr. Carl Hofbauer. Hit the green button beside his and “Send the Request”.

That’s it! If you have any further questions please contact Ms. Gao at


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