Photography Junior Major

One must stand still and open one’s eyes, to truly see the spirits that move amongst us!” – J. Wayne Kaubach

Photography is an excellent way to capture the moment and hold memories. It is the contents in the family album, and the essence of human history. Upon completing photography 9, students will learn how to best utilize natural light and how to use the camera as a creative tool to document the world around them through the understanding of concepts such as aperture,  depth of field, shutter speed, and movement. They will be introduced to studio strobe lighting and will become proficient in selecting, processing and editing digital images.

Photography Grade 10 Major

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.” – Diane Arbus

Photography 10 is an exploration of the visual world around us as we collect memories, thoughts, andflowerPhoto ideas by capturing light. In class students learn how to use and operate 35 mm film cameras, develop B&W film, and enlarge images. They will learn how to scan and manipulate images in Adobe Photoshop, and learn more advanced photographic concepts and digital processes. Upon completing Photography 10, each student will be able to identify and compose a successful photograph, learn how to use the camera and studio lighting as a creative tool for artistic expression.

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