Principal’s Message

“When you are in your Element, that experience of flow is empowering…
it is a way of feeling deeply connected with our own sense of identity, of feeling in your skin…”
Sir Ken Robinson

What do you love doing more than anything else?
What energizes your thinking?
What challenges and rewards you?
What engages and intrigues you?

I would like to invite you come in and look at some of the amazing things our students get to be part of on a daily basis. Langley Fine Arts is an amazing place where students have the opportunity to explore create and be inspired.  Our school is about finding your passion, it is about celebrating the relationship between aptitude and passion.

As a student of LFAS you will embrace experiences that combine skills and abilities with the things you love. Your love for the arts, your friendships and your choices will build a journey that will shape who you are and who you will become. You will be encouraged to embrace each opportunity with an explorer’s mindset – open to discovery and seeking new understandings. At LFAS you will have the opportunity to connect with others that have a similar set of interests. People who are committed to a common goal and identify with each other’s passions.

You will find your tribe.

You will connect with others who will all speak a common knowledge. You will be connected not just with each other but with every Dancer, Actor, Musician, Photographer, Writer, and Artist who call themselves LFAS ALumni and those who will follow you.

At LFAS you will be taught to create, to find a voice for your ideas. You will learn to take risks. To honor and to honor others who take risks. You will be taught that the value of creativity lies in applying your imagination and extending that which you have learned into an original voice.

Your voice matters.

And here at LFAS we will honor it.

Jon Bonnar
Principal LFAS





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