The Grade 1-2 Pod involves a team of passionate teachers who work together to provide meaningful educational experiences for Primary students.  In addition to being highly skilled in classroom instruction, each teacher is trained in one or more of the four fine arts (Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts). Arts classes are used to enrich and deepen the learning experiences taking place in the core classrooms. For example, Grade 1 students may do body spelling in Dance class to practice their sight words, or extend a Mathematics lesson on patterning into their work in Visual Art.

Arts lessons take place within specially equipped classrooms; the Drama room, for instance, has a large, open, carpeted area and teaching tools, such as puppets and props.

The 1-2 Pod puts on one major integrated performance each spring. The “Growing” unit resulted in an amazing production that incorporated all of the arts, as well as Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.Because the teachers in this pod plan their lessons and themes collaboratively, field trips are taken together as a pod or as a grade unit. Past field trips have included Willowview Farm, Surrey Arts Center, Langley Centennial Museum, surrey Nature Center, Ice Skating, gymnastics and swimming.


In grade 3, there are three classes that form a closely knit group called a “pod.” Within this setting, students are encouraged to become independent learners, to problem solve, and to develop social skills. Students work according to their own abilities and personal learning styles.

The Grade 3 Pod integrates learning of the arts and academics through curricular themes that, as much as possible, also involve all four of the arts areas: Drama, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts. Teachers work closely together, constantly sharing ideas and meeting weekly to plan overall strategies for the pod. Most of the field trips taken by this grade are done as a pod.

Grade 3 students pursue their arts education in dedicated arts studios, such as the new 1-5 Art Studio. Monthly “town gatherings” allow students to share works in progress with other students and parents, while a larger show, usually held in the spring, integrates all four arts areas with core subjects. Music nights are held twice a year (December and in the spring) and the school’s Mary Pratt Gallery hosts a yearly Grade 3 art show. Many performances take place in LFAS’s professional-standard, 300-seat Chief Sepass Theatre, allowing even young students the experience of appearing in a “real” theatre.


Grade 4 and 5 students at L.F.A.S experience thoroughly integrated, interconnected programs where participation in each of the arts enhances academic understanding and achievement!

Our “Pod” focuses on creating “big ideas” each term to help students “plug in” their learning of the curriculum with the world around them. At any given time in our classrooms, halls and theatre, you might catch a glimpse of science units coming to life as they are danced on stage. Beautiful art work vividly depicts stories and themes from Language Arts units. In Drama, our intermediates learn role plays and interactive games to empower them with “Peace Making” skills. In Music, students develop various elements of performance and listening as they “travel” to different times and places through engaging in a diverse repertoire of compositions.

This is a just a small taste of the dynamic learning process that takes place in our awesome Grade 4-5 Pod. We love to see our students grow and shine as they “Explore, Create, and Inspire” here at our fantastic, unique school!

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