Langley Fine Arts School is proud to have the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa as our sister school!




PA-MOJA is a North American charitable organization that helps Kenyan children go to school while supporting the conservation efforts of the Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy in the Laikipia region of Kenya. All of the money we raise goes towards Kenyan student bursaries, infrastructure projects, and wildlife protection initiatives. Promoting an awareness and respect for cultural diversity is an integral part of the work that we do through our rich cultural exchanges. “Pamoja” is a Swahili word, which means together. It is in this spirit that we work with Kenyans to honour and learn from each other’s culture and provide Kenyans with opportunities such as education, apprenticeship, leadership and travel.
We are partnered with the Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Ol Pejeta has a community outreach program, of which PA-MOJA is a major contributing partner. Our financial and cultural support strengthens the goodwill between the conservancy and the community members resulting in stronger local support for wildlife. For example, locals are less likely to poach elephants when they see that the conservancy is building classrooms and their children are receiving bursaries to attend school.
We promote cultural exchanges. Kenyan and non-Kenyan students are given the opportunity to learn about one another’s cultures by engaging in our sister school program. We use our cultural exchange website to post photographs, videos and stories so that young people on different continents can learn about each other’s cultures. We also engage in regular skype calls as well as organic exchanges such as letter writing, stories, poetry, scrap-books and hand-crafted gifts.
We promote international inquiry based learning through our education initiative, called “Butterfly Effect.” Students from Canada and Kenya post their independent research on-line through the Butterfly Effect website. The website empowers students in sharing knowledge, celebrating learning and development of inquiry based research and critical thinking skills. These enable learners to access and enjoy an exciting and collaborative learning space that is the first of its kind globally.
We host students from Kenya. We are partnered with the Langley School District and the Coquitlam School District, who sponsor (financially and legally) the Kenyan Student Cultural Exchange Program, which started in 2016. To date, we have brought 7 Kenyan students to Canada. Students must be participants in the Butterfly Effect program to be
We support the Kenyan economy by using local laborers and craftspeople for infrastructure projects, such as building schools, libraries and dormitories. Our volunteers buy curious from Kenyan artisans in Kenyan markets to sell in silent auctions in North America to raise money for PA-MOJA.
We travel to Kenya every summer. We encourage our donors to come to Kenya in July and August to see first hand the educational initiatives we have funded, meet the students and families we have impacted, and the wildlife we have supported. Donors are given the opportunity to use their skills to help us build and improve our organization.

To find out how you can help, please contact (604)888-3113.


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