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All students take the same mathematics courses for grades 8 and 9.  In grade 10 students can choose between: Foundations of Mathematics 10 and Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 10.  In grade 11 and 12, depending on their planned post-secondary education path, students have the option of choosing between: Foundations of Mathematics 11/12, Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 11, and Pre-Calculus 11/12.  Students must take a minimum of one mathematics course at the grade 11 level for graduation and depending on post-secondary education plans, students will need to take more.
Secondary mathematics at LFAS starts off by building upon the mathematics skills that students have already acquired and working to develop them further each year, broadening their abilities to apply and make connections with various problems.  Throughout their years in Mathematics at LFAS, students will work on developing their mathematics skills through practice, projects, life application, problem solving, collaboration and learning transferable skills.

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