Green Team

Green Team is a project based environmental club. In September 2013- 2014 the Green Team was formed to build an intergenerational garden called the Fort Langley Community and School Garden. It was the vision of Deven Azevedo and his friends to leave a legacy which would benefit the community. They did. They gifted the school and community with a garden which benefits at least three hundred students and thirty families each year.

The Green Team added a greenhouse in 2015 thanks to the vision of Desi Chek-Harder and Grace Popo. The Green Team asked for the help of the Fort Langley Lions who donated money to purchase the materials. They built the greenhouse in the summer.
In 2016-2017 under the leadership of Paige Hunter the Green Team began work on the Langley Fine Arts courtyard. Her project began as a way to green the courtyard. The project then developed into the construction of a Nature’s Classroom which will be used by the kindergarten classes and the primary pod. It is a fitting legacy for this year’s altruistic grad class.
We meet every Friday at lunch in room 94. We would invite you to help us complete the Nature’s Classroom and help form a new project for the coming school year.

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