All students take a single science course in each of grades 8, 9 and 10.  The course includes a component of chemistry, biology, earth science and physics.
In Grades 11 and 12 students can choose which science course(s) they would like to take. Choices include biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics. A minimum of one science course at either the grade 11 or 12 level is required for graduation, and depending on post-secondary education plans, students will need to take more.
Through their years in science at LFAS, students will learn and apply the scientific process. They will develop their ability to inquire, collaborate, design and carry out labs, and research.


Chemistry is often called the “central science”. It is appropriate for students interested in the bio-sciences (such as medicine) and physical sciences (such as engineering). Chemistry is a wonderful course for developing your problem solving skills in the mathematical and conceptual realms.

Chemistry 11 is concerned with the identification, characterization, and transformation of matter. To develop a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts covered about 20% of the course is designated to hands on activities (labs).

Chemistry 12 is intended to further enhance the understanding of the principles of Chemistry and prepare students for studies of sciences at the post-secondary level. Due to a large number of mathematical calculations in the course, students should have a reasonably good standing in Mathematics.

Science 10 Course description

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