The Dance Program at LFAS is designed to refine, challenge and expand students’ technical and creative potential. We are committed to developing students’ skills through fostering a creative, reflective and inclusive learning environment.  While focussing on these pillars, the program emphasizes technique, composition, and performance. The program is supplemented with classes from guest artists from the Vancouver dance community.

Technique classes focus on refining the students’ control of the principles of movement (alignment, flexibility, strength, balance, centering and breath) through the study of various modern, contemporary and ballet techniques.

Anatomy is also integrated into the dance class. Students learn the muscular and skeletal systems of the human body and their importance in dance training, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Units in nutrition and the creation of individualized strength and flexibility conditioning programs give students information required to maintain a healthy relationship with dance.

As dance is a performing art, performance is an integral part of the LFAS program. Dynamics, focus, stage presence, performing energy, clarity of execution, working as a group, effective translations of the composition are elements that enhance performance. These elements are analyzed, practiced and shared in class and formal performances. Opportunities to observe and discuss live and recorded professional dance performances are provided.

Student composition and choreography is an integral part of the Dance Program at LFAS.  Students discover and expand their movement vocabulary through improvisation and exploration of the elements of dance. Students have opportunities to present their choreography with the school community.

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