No matter what you choose to do after highschool training in drama will be an asset to you. In the drama major you will grow with your peers and in front of an audience. You will learn how to work in groups, stretch yourself to reach beyond your imagination. You will create projects of your own as you develop your skills in character work, scriptwriting, directing, theatre history, modern and traditional styles of acting, and various conventions of theatre. You will begin in Grade 8 working with a small group to write a collaborative ten minute play. By Grade 12 you will write your own original One Act play, with the option either direct or perform. Throughout your years in drama major you will have many other opportunities for a variety of performances (Comedy Festival, Cabaret, Scene Work, Improvisation, Musicals etc.).  Drama Major is a place to build life long friendships, take personal risks, and graduate with skills that will add to anything you choose to do.

Drama Ensemble  is for those who wish to go above and beyond class work into the polished world of performance. Drama Ensemble is open to all majors. Everyone wishing to be in drama ensemble must audition at the beginning of the year.

Film is a large component of the drama major, especially in the senior years. In the final two years of Major students write either a One Act Play or a Long Form Film. Drama students film, edit, script and act in these films. Film is one of the three recommended electives for anyone choosing drama major.

Technical Theatre is the second recommended choice for an elective. In our fully functioning proscenium theatre students are encouraged to study light design, stage management, light and sound operation and cue programing . Many of the trained students work a part time job in our theatre during their years at LFAS and some continue on after they graduate.

Finally, Musical Theatre is the third recommended elective. Musicals are not the focus of our drama program however we do study this craft and present our musical pieces in our bi-annual Cabaret Dinner Theatre, and in our school sharings and celebrations.

We welcome all those willing to try and who have a passion for the art.

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