Creative Writing is a senior major (grade 11 & 12) that offers students a warm, supportive environment in which to have fun and grow as writers, thinkers, and producers of published works.

All writing students become members of Prime Sheet, a private class website open to current and past writing students. Students post their writing on Prime Sheet in order to learn from and support each other in a positive manner. The site gives students the opportunity to interact online with writing alumni and published writers who act as mentors. Because we encourage students to stay on the site after graduation, a number of former writing majors, who are now published writers, are currently mentors on the site.

Examples of Work:


Before joining our tight-knit family of writers, prospective students should be kind, humble, and willing to receive and share advice with their classmates. Students do NOT have to be accomplished writers to join this major (some of the world’s best writers are dyslexic); however, they must be willing to grow by taking small, safe risks in an open and collaborative setting.

Features of the Writing Major:

Guest speakers: 
Guest speakers are invited to work with the class, including poets, short story writers, novelists, slam poets, screenwriters, playwrights, and journalists. Alumni regularly return to lead workshops and mentor the younger writers.

Field trips:
Students go on a variety of field trips, including Williams Park in Langley (our second home), Commercial Drive, Granville Island, and walks around Fort Langley.

Students organize and present at least 4 public writing shows each year, one in a local coffee shop, two within the school, and one in collaboration with elementary students. Writing Majors are given the opportunity to be in the show or work behind the scenes as producers and organizers. Students also take part in monthly class sharing sessions.

The writing room is equipped with computers, video cameras, microphones, and recording equipment, so students can publish their writing using blogs, websites, podcasts, garage band, I-movie and online newspapers and magazines. (Pen to paper is also encouraged and celebrated)

Units of Study

  • Poetry
  • Prose Poetry
  • Performance/Slam Poetry
  • Short Stories – written
  • Story-telling for Podcast, Radio, Video & Performance
  • Song-Writing
  • Journalism

Writing Major Graduates
The ability to communicate creatively has never been more important in our world. At the conclusion of this two year program, successful students become confident, highly creative wordsmiths and thinkers who can present their work and ideas using multiple forms of media. These valuable skills are transferable to just about any modern career or post secondary program.




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