Dry Grad

Dry Grad Waiver & Tickets are ready! 

WHEN?  Immediately following Newland’s dinner/dance until 6am.

COST?  $35 each

WAIVER?  Grads & parents need to complete the Waiver LFAS Dry Grad 2018  to buy a ticket

HELP OUT?  Volunteers are Dry Grad are still needed

INFO?  DryGradLFAS@gmail.com

 No signed waiver = No Tx sold

Ticket sales run for 2 weeks:

@Lunch in the Tulip Gallery

Tues – Wed – Thurs

May 29,30,31 + Jun 5,6,7

Any questions please email marti.b@telus.net


Next Meeting (Next Friday)
Fri. June 1st @ 7pm 9010 Nash St.

Park in the school parking lot might be best.

This will start as a normal meeting to go over final budget numbers, grad prizes, food, volunteers followed by the project night where we assemble the pop culture panels plus come up with the scavenger hunt, plus maybe assemble the prizes if available, plus, +,+,+!

Bring scissor and other crafty supplies, colored paper, poster boards kicking around (We want to be ready for anything our crafty imaginations come up with!)

See you there …. you can buy Dry Grad tx at this meeting if still needed (bring the signed waivers). Plus you can sign up for volunteer shifts then also!


What is a Dry Grad?
​Dry Grad Event immediately follows the Grad Dinner Banquet.

Dry Grad is organized & supervised by parents to ensure grads can continue to celebrate their achievement in a safe, fun way.

The LFAS teachers & administrators are not involved  in planning Dry Grad but the school does support the event.

​​Activities at a Dry Grad may include professional performers, dancing, movies, inflatable events, arcade or carnival attractions or open mike & prizes.

Dry Grad ticket prices are subsidized by parent fundraising efforts and are a separate cost to the Dinner Banquet.   No grad will be left behind due to cost.

All graduates and guests are required to sign a waiver prior to purchasing Dry Grad ticket.  Ticket sales are typically in the spring after all fundraising is completed.

Where can parents/guardians help?

​Stay Informed by joining https://www.facebook.com/groups/1177234495699723/

Not on Facebook? Email DryGradLFAS@gmail.com to be added onto the Dry Grad email list!

A​ committee of 10-15 parents/guardians meet monthly to plan and budget for the LFAS Dry Grad each year and the below positions are:

Chairperson, Treasurer, Fundraising, Activity Booker, Décor Doers, Food Planners, Transportation, Communications, Volunteer Coordinator etc.

.​​People unable to attend the meetings can help by:
1.  Staying informed on Facebook!
2.  Supporting fundraising efforts
3.  ​​Volunteering for bigger fundraising events
​4.  Volunteering at the official Dry Grad event.

Please Complete this google doc:  https://goo.gl/forms/synBW1MaNGoq61yu2

5. Can’t help? Consider a donation to ‘LFAS Dry Grad’ via CK left in the school office to help lighten the load.

Date of Dry Grad 2018:  Wednesday June 20th, 2018

Time: 11pm – 6 am the next morning

Location: A secret!!

Contact Us: DryGradLFAS@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: To join for more information



Want to Help Out? Sign up Here


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