Marks Matter – online courses will continue learning and final report cards will include outcomes both in class and online.

Art Elective Courses have been “paused” (Grade 9/10 C1 & C2 classes, Grade 11/12 B1 or B2 classes). More information on this is to come but our first focus is on academics and major classes.

Pick up of non-essential school items and locker clean up will happen in future and a plan will be coming out in upcoming newsletters.

What you need to do to prepare for online learning:

Login to your Office365 Account (every student has one and you get all the apps you will need for online learning for free!) To learn how to do this click HERE

To learn more about Microsoft Teams and what it is all about click HERE

Suggestions to you for successful online learning:

1. Have a Routine

Disruptions in routines can be stressful. A regular schedule will help to maintain a sense of normalcy and stability.

  • Have a regular bedtime, wake-up and mealtimes
  • getting dressed and ready for school even though you are at home
  • a set time for learning
  • set times for breaks
  • daily physical activity
  • daily communication with friends and family.
  1. Space to WorkSetting up home learning space to work can help you focus. If possible, the space should include:
    • a quiet atmosphere
    • good lighting
    • a desk or table at a comfortable height for your child
    • a storage basket or bin to keep supplies (paper, pens, pencils, markers, books, etc.)
    • access to a computer/tablet or other smart device if possible.
  2. Remember to be:
      • Patient with yourself. This is a new experience for everyone, and it will require some adjustment time. The most important thing is that you know you are keeping yourself safe, you have support and there are people that care a lot about you..
      • Try to practice good work habits and be proud of what you accomplish.
      • Take breaks when you need to. ┬áIf you become frustrated or tired it is okay to step away and come back to the work later.
      • Keep up with your friends and family. Keep in touch. Know that everyone is in the same reality and care about each other.

    If you need support please do not hesitate to contact:

Carl Hofbauer at

Janine Orlando at

Langley Fine Arts School

9096 - Trattle Street, Fort Langley
BC, V1M 2S6
Phone: 604-888-3113
Fax: 604-888-3578