LFAS Grade 5 Students Honour Fallen Soldiers with the Memorial Tree Project

Posted: April 3, 2017

 Last January 19th the last of the trees honouring Langley’s First World War soldiers came down. The township staff cut down the old ailing tree not realizing the stir it would create. Armed with pen and paper, coloured markers and strong voices Mrs.Colborne’s Grade 5 class at LFAS alerted politicians, town officials and our local community as to the importance of the Wilson, Trattle and Wright Memorial Trees.

On March 14th they received a letter from Mayor Jack Froese who agreed to the importance of the trees in honour of Langley Soldiers. The First World War Memorial Tree Dedication will take place Sunday April 23 at noon. All the students from Mrs.Colbourne’s class have been personally invited to attend.

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