Grade 6/7s Walk for Water

Posted: March 5, 2019

For the past couple of months the Grade 6/7s have been organizing an event that will bring awareness about the water crisis we have in our world. Many children their age and younger walk many kilometres every day to bring water to their families just to meet their basic needs. Over the past month our classes have been exploring this topic and on the afternoon of Tuesday March 5th, we hosted a “Walk for Water.” We are partnering up with a local non-profit organization called Acts for Water:
For this event, students received a bright yellow jerry can filled with water, provided by Acts for
Water, and carried them while walking through the town of Fort Langley to symbolize the walk that many children, particularly girls, in our world must take daily to bring water to their families.
Our goal is to raise money to provide each student who attends Kicuzi Primary School in Kota, Uganda enough clean water for one year.
We have created an event page that outlines our project:

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