Graduation Ceremony    Church in the Valley, 23589 Fraser Highway, Langley on Wednesday, June 12th5:30 pm (Doors open to guests at 5:00 pm)

***Parking is limited, please consider carpooling***


We will be offering each Grad FREE tickets. Grads do not require tickets. Students can collect their ceremony tickets in the office, before and after schoolstarting on April 22nd, 2019. There will be additional tickets available at $10 each, starting with 2 extra tickets per student. Additional tickets after that will be sold based on a waitlist and may also be available at a later date as ticket numbers are calculated. Tickets will not be issued if the student has outstanding fees, textbook/ library books, incomplete grad transitions or if you are in a non-grad status position.

Shape of Wednesday, June 12th  Important info for the day of your Grad ceremony please have your photos taken with your family in your grad grown prior to arriving to the Grad Ceremony.

3:30 pm  Grads arrive at Church in the Valley and will have your personal photo taken in the marked room off the main foyer. Grads are encouraged to bring food and water to have before the ceremony.

4:30 pm  Group Grad shot in the Church

5.00 pm  Doors open to family and guests

5:30 pm  Grad ceremony starts

8:30pm   Grad ceremony finishes with “light refreshments” prepared by Gr. 11 parents

RETURN YOUR GOWN– hand in your grad gowns immediately after the ceremonyand your name will be checked off on the returned list. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

GraduationDinner/Dance Wednesday, June 19th 

You can organize yourselves in tables of 10 people maximum. A sign-up sheet will be available when you purchase your tickets. PLEASE BE SURE TO ADD YOUR GUEST/PARENT TO A TABLE!

Each student’s ticket will cost $60 and tickets for parents and guests are $80 each. The evening consists of a delicious buffet dinner, presentations, entertainment and dancing.

Guest passes – An approved guest pass must be submitted before a ticket will be sold.

It has been a tradition for LFAS parents to attend the Dinner/Dance so please join your grads for this celebration. Parents who wish to come and take pictures of the grads but not stay for the dinner/dance are welcome to do so.

Grads start arriving around 5 p.m.  Group photo is at 5:30. Following the photo, the grads will line-up to be presented at the dinner (Names announced as they walk into the ballroom).


Newlands Golf Course, Langley

Date:  Wednesday, June 19th

5.30 pm  Grads must arrive for group photo.

6:00 pm  Dinner/Speeches/Dancing

Dry Grad follow immediately after the dinner dance.


NON GRAD STATUS POSITION as of report card day April 26, 2019:

  • If a grade 12 student is trailing a grade 10 or 11 compulsory course, failing a grade 12 course*, missing a Grad Transition assignment or missing an elective credit, then they are in a NON GRAD STATUS POSITION
  • If a grade 12 student is taking a compulsory course or an essential elective course on line and has less than half completed successfully then they are in NON GRAD STATUS POSITION*.

If you are trailing or failing an essential course, please check with Mr. Hofbauer in the counselling office.

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