Grade 7 Camp

Grade 7 Camp is an LFAS tradition that students greatly look forward to. It is the capstone event of the Grade 7 year and is an opportunity for students to bond with their peers, try out new and fun activities, and experience everything that Camp Jubilee has to offer.

Camp Life

Each student is placed in a cabin with their friends, supervised by a grade 7 parent. A wide variety of meals are provided for students, as well as special options for those with dietary concerns. The Camp Jubilee staff prepares a number of fun activities during the day, but students also get to be involved with fun campfire songs, a skit night, beach volleyball, and the always-popular Gaga Ball during their free time.


There are a number of incredible activities that students get to be a part of. Camp Jubilee has rock climbing and ropes courses for students who love the thrill of heights. They have slingshots and archery to bring out the inner marksman in each student. There are also more traditional camp activities like beach exploration, shelter building and orienteering so help students learn important skills for their own camping trips. Students also get to be involved in longer excursions with the Canoe Island adventure and the kayak trip.


A number of meetings are hosted throughout the year to make sure students and parents are prepared for camp. Students get to design their own cabin shirt and cabin name to help build unity before camp even starts. There is a cost associated with camp, but through fundraising opportunities and staggered cheques, we try to make it as manageable as possible.

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