Grade 6/7 Core Academics

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As you may know, LFAS is a unique community. In our one building, we house three school bodies. One of these is our Middle School. Our Middle School consists of sixty grade six students, and sixty grade sevens. We have a staff of four classroom teachers, and four fine arts educators.

Students entering grade 6 and 7 will be experiencing some of the travelling and movement throughout the building that high school students get to enjoy. Every morning when students arrive at school, they spend their first hour and a half exploring the fine arts. They get to choose from Visual Art, Dance, Drama and Music, where skilled and professional artists guide them in their learning. As our classroom teachers specialize in either the Humanities (Language Arts, Social Studies and Health & Physical Education) or Scimatics (Math, Science and French), each homeroom moves from one class to the other, depending on which subject they are learning.

In our classrooms, teachers use the fine arts to facilitate and teach the Core and Curricular Competencies. For example, students might be reading a novel, then hand-make a notebook that looks like an old leather journal. They might then use this journal to creatively reflect on the novel themes and ideas through the eyes of the protagonist. Students might be developing characters and engaging in role play games in which they elect a Federal Government and carry out the procedures of passing a Bill. Or, they may be singing songs and acting out plays to practice their French.

The Middle Years are an exciting time for LFAS students, riddled with new teachers, new routines, dances, field trips and a multitude of exciting memories. We look forward to seeing you in the halls!

Examples of Past Projects

Unravel the Mysteries of Ancient Cultures

As we trace the beginning of human settlements and early civilizations we analyze artifacts to see what they reveal about the past…

Egypt’s Got Talent:

Ready, set, action! The mysteries of ancient Egypt are transported to modern times in this entertaining and informative student led presentation.

It’s All Greek to Me!!!

Students embark on an exploration about ancient Greece through the lens of their individualized inquiry project. We celebrate our studies with a Greek luncheon and a re-enactment of the Greek Olympics, with ceremonies and all!

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