Elementary Funky Monkey Approaches!

February 1, 2019


It’s that time of year!! Grad Council has begun planning for the much anticipated Elementary Funky Monkey. For families new to LFAS, the Funky Monkey is a night to showcase our Elementary students’ talent and is organized by our Grade 12 students as a fundraiser for Grad. The tentative date for the event is Thursday, April 4th (required Tech rehearsal after school Wednesday, April 3rd) in the Theatre.

Auditions for grades K to 7 will take place Feb19-22 with the sign-up sheet being posted the week of February 4th. Get those creative juices flowing and put together your act!

Guidelines (detailed instructions will be sent home to all performers)

TWO (2) minute maximum – As the show becomes more and more popular, with more students wanting to participate, we need to limit the length of the show.

Music must be submitted on a USB preferably edited to 2 minutes. If not edited, the music will fade at the 2 minute mark. If playing an instrument, please ensure time is 2 minutes.

Pieces/Acts are to be choreographed, well rehearsed, and polished. Please do not sign up with the intent of simply dancing on stage.

1 piece per student(s). To keep the show under 2 hours, Students should only be in one piece unless their role is integral to the piece.

There is a required Tech rehearsal in the Theatre the DAY before immediately after school (Thurs Apr 3rd).

Tickets sold at the office and at door $5.00 (performers do not pay)

At intermission students who have performed are welcome to sit with their parents and enjoy the rest of the show.

Performers will be supervised in the Woodshop (behind the Theatre) and Gr K, 1, and 2 students will be picked up at intermission and sit with their family to enjoy the rest of the show. Pre-intermission acts will be primarily K, 1 and 2.

Performers are encouraged to bring snacks and a quiet activity back stage.

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