“Film is a place where you can imagine an idea, and then you can make it happen. Exactly how you imagined it!” Grade 9 Film Student

“It’s a lot of work to make a film, but it is really rewarding and you learn a lot about what goes into making a film”. Grade 11 Film Student

Zoomfest Awards NightIf you always dreamed of making a film, starring in a film, directing a masterpiece and walking the red carpet… then this program is for you! Fine Art Productions is a multi-award winning program offered from Grade 9 – 12 at the Langley Fine Arts School. It is an elective which allows students from all majors to participate in the course. You will begin with the basics and build up to advanced filmmaking and post secondary opportunities.

The film program participates in a variety of provincial, national and international film festivals. Your films will be seen by industry professionals and you will attend festivals with other filmmakers from the province. You will also be involved in courses and opportunities through offered through post secondary institutions and alumni graduates who continued on in film. Film can be whatever you choose to make it, and the possibilities are endless.

Some of Boucher’s Favorite Films Ever!

Dogdeballet” Bryce Larson, Murat Kocaoglu, Cailan Underwood, Taehoon Oh, Ricky Liu, Christian Boieeie. 2017

Take That Chance” Ian Dejong, Quin Voth. Third Place Narrative BCSFF 2015

“A Pretentious Student Film “ 2011 Navar Maxted and Sean Depner from Paper Penguin Productions – Winner of BCSFF Top Script

“Little Flies Old Delicacy” John Kim Top Filmmaker BCSFF Award 2011, First Place Animation, First Place Script

“Out of Brockton”, Daddy Productions & Fine Art Productions. 2003. Michael Paris, Aaron Ydenberg, Alex Corr, Ryan Biech.

“Christopher and his Sock Monkey” First time Film made in Video 1. Jenna Andres, Amy Weir, Nic Yee, Aleese Patersen, Finn Hearn. Top Junior Film BCSFF 2009.

Centient Eggs in a Refridgerator Unit” Top Film Zoomfest 2010. Sean Depner, John Kim.

Silence of the Mimes” Zoomfest 2010 Top Screenplay. Sean Depner, Navar Maxted, Gavin Depner, Kayla Miller, Ryan Clough-Carroll

“Choose” Liam West, Quin Voth, Cole Muters, Ian DeJong. 2013. Zoom Film Festival Winner Best Script to Screen.

“Exposed” Kathleen Cooper, Monica Binik. Experimental Film 2016. Top Junior Experimental BCSFF 2016.

“It’s All in Your Head” Top Junior Film Zoomfest 2015. Monica Binik, Brooke Wade, Skylar Haydu, Jackson Boucher, Michael Shim.

“Senecence” 2016. Junior Experimental. Winner of Top Film Powell River Film Festival 2016. Brooke Wade, Madison Gibson, Erin Wood.

“Trust Me” 2016 Junior Experimental. Trevor Janzen, Skylor Howarth, Bowen Munsil.

“From Noah”  Fine Art Productions 2013. Jenna Andres, Adam Mah, Risa Venuto, Abby Hunter, Ben Evers-Staples, John McQueen.

“Slipping” 2011. Fine Art Productions. Aidan West, Rhys Krannitz, Zach Blaney, Jordan Eldridge.

“Karma Commander: Tickets of Justice” 2013. Fine Art Productions. Storm McLaughlin, Charlotte Hunter, Alysha Jenkinson, Rachel Millsip, Ashley Lebert, Tonya McLaughlin. Zoom Film Festival 2013 Winner.

“Pacman” 2012. Aidan West, Patric Coulter, Rhys Krannitz, Stuart Kosterman, Dylan Heimburger, Finn Hearn, David Rust, Leslie Jahava.

“Evangeline Lilly: Why Art Matters” 2015. Evangeline Lilly, Ian DeJong, Quin Voth, Dustin Wade, Cole Muters. Arts Matters Series LFAS. BCSFF 2015 First Place Promotional Film

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