Peter Pan This Week – Rehearsal Schedule

Filming Mr. & Mrs. Darling, (Anna, Ben, Cole, Skylar)

REVISED! Check email as info has been sent to you. We will be meeting at the school! 12:15 pm. We will be filming until 3:30pm.

Mr. Darling bring black dress shoes. White dress shirt.

Anna – check email!

Trapeze PRO D Day Friday February 23 10am – NOON

Non flying characters (Erica, Bowen, Asalah, Davinia, Bowen, Zoe Booth) print off this WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY and bring it with you signed.

Drivers Boucher, Hohm, Holoman will meet at school to drive people at 9:45am in front of main entrance on Trattle. Erica and Asalah will meet us there at West Coast Flying Trapeze (105-19055 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows) at 10am. At noon those riding back to school will be returned to school by 12:15pm.

Called Flying Cast for 10am – NOON (we will be working on counterbalance and flying others) Jaaron, Joseph, Maxwell, Jackson, Jayden, (Monica, Emily T. will drive themselves)

If you have any questions email me at

Approaching Deadlines:

  1. March 13 & 15 Full Run Through with all songs, blocking, technical trapeze walk throughs, dance, technical calls in booth alternated between stage managers.

What cast am I in? When do I perform? See below.


Already we have some issues with attendance and contract. Please review these points from the drama ensemble contract. These are terms you agreed to prior to becoming part of the production. 

Drama Ensemble is a significant commitment. In order to make it work a schedule has been planned for the entire year. In case you have lost the hard copy click here for the  DRAMA ENSEMBLE CALENDAR REVISED. Please plan ahead. Although you may not be called to every rehearsal you must keep these times free and be available. A weekly breakdown of who is called will be posted on the Woodshop board at the beginning of each week. Any extra hours/days outside of this schedule will be with the consent of all involved and director will give 24 hour minimum notice.

Initial Student Initial Parent
I understand that all future vacations/doctor/specialty appointments not listed on contract during drama ensemble times will be unexcused absences.
I understand that I am not able to have more than 4.5 hours unexcused absences (3 standard rehearsals) or I will loose my part.
If sick and cannot attend rehearsal I will email Mrs. Boucher in the morning before school starts so she can plan ahead and warn others.
Coming late or leaving early from rehearsal counts as ½ day of missed rehearsal.



Initial Student
I understand that I will meet all deadlines for memorization of lines. I will not wait until the last minute to learn my lines and will spend 20 minutes a day on this task.
I will manage my time and workload well. I will ask my director for help before it becomes a crisis.
I will not skip any other classes due to late rehearsals/shows.
I will maintain my focus in rehearsals and help others to do so.
I will not be part of any negative social media activity regarding this show or anyone apart of it. I will be respectful of all members in and out of rehearsal.
I recognize that not upholding my responsibility in any of the above areas can mean a loss of part, a reduction of performances, or a change of part.


I am committed to the schedule and responsibilities of drama ensemble.


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